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I don’t wanna wait, for our lives to be over…

I have a confession to make.

I’m dying to share the new DFS with you. I want to just post everything we’ve done, I want to sit down over drinks and spill my guts about every minute detail of the story to come and where it’s going, and the story after that, and all the other little details about the world where Alex and Walter live.

I want to be going to conventions and meeting people who’ve read our work and people who are discovering it for the first time. I want to be embroiled in comics, I want to be corresponding with readers and doing silly interviews and coming up with wacky marketing ideas and making cool Dressed For Success stuff for people to put on their desks.

I miss it.

Those heady days in the 90’s were some of my favorites and I can just begin to feel the buzz returning. I want you to know how much fun it already is. To be back telling stories about Alex and Walter; killing ourselves laughing while we hash out a script. I’m jumping around like an idiot demonstrating something one of the characters does.

So I’m going to let a little bit slip. The tiniest morsel.

tinkle. ditch. baglay.

And this: 

I know, three words and a hand. It’s not much, but i feel a bit better. Have I made it worse for you?



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