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Who’s Wha?! – Jason Baglay

Jason BaglayAs much as Jay can be goofy, he’s also brilliant. Jason Baglay could have followed many career paths. He has a knack for whatever he turns his hands to, and an intense curiosity. He’s also an improviser extraordinare. Where his sister is more the academic, Jason always leaned towards a more hands on approach. Mississauga Jay is a moniker he picked up in his younger days, he prefers it to his given names. Face it, it’s cool.

Jay is based upon our high school friend Jason. The first drawing of Jay dates back almost to issue 1 of the original mini-comics run. The whole story can be read here. While Jay didn’t become an anthropologist, he is now officially Doctor Jay, PHD. We believe he is currently curing cancer. Or trying to create a superhero serum.  Something biological…

And no, he isn’t from Mississauga.