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Dressed For Success – Page 161

July 11th, 2018

Dressed For Success – Page 161

We’re back!

After a much longer break than we ever imagined we are back to producing new DFS pages. If you’ll remember way back, we had a new plan to create pages in 20 page chunks which is what we are now doing. The next 20 pages are already completed, so you can check in every Wednesday for the next 20 weeks for your fix of Alex and Walter.

But that’s not the only news. If you have a quick look you’ll see some tweaks here on the Egesta website. Hopefully, we’re bug-free, but if you do spot something weird, let us know.

And then there’s the really big news.

It seems every time we take an extended break from DFS, there’s some new advance that we come back to. Last time it was the internet and webcomics in general. this time its Patreon. While creators have been trying for years to find ways to earn money with webcomics, and some did have virtual tip jars, the invention of Patreon and the ability to support creators directly, in a meaningful way is changing the game for artists of all types. So we have set up an Egesta Comics Patreon page, and we hope it has something to offer any level of DFS fan as well as having our own unique spin on patronage. You can get early access to weekly pages, or even the full block of 20. You get access to behind the scenes material and the ability to interact socially with us. There’s even options to get yourself into a future page of DFS or original artwork. If nothing else, please at least go have a look.

You’ll also be happy to know we’ve started work on our next 20 pages. The end is in sight for the current story. And then we can begin on all new DFS stories.

But for now, we’re back. It feels good. And it’s nice to welcome you back.


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