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Dressed For Success – Page 157

March 20th, 2013

Dressed For Success – Page 157

This week we get to pay tribute to two elements of our childhood. Both were part of a wave of Japanese animation that came to North America in the 70’s and 80’s. The first was Battle of the Planets. The character of 7-ZARK-88 is based upon 7-ZARK-7 who was actually added to the show when it was brought over. (He’s also based on one of the bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back, hey, we’ve been doing mash-ups from before they were a thing.) The shape of 7-ZARK-88’s ship, first seen here, is inspired by their underwater base.
Macross Missile MassacreThe second is a Macross Missile Massacre. Named for Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the show was part of three shows mashed together in North America under the Robotech umbrella. The MMM is the crazy barrage of missile that corkscrew across space and explode in a plethora of big badda booms. Jeff sent me a rough of this page early and I was just thrilled to see him doing an MMM. Now we just need to fit in a giant fighting robot or two.
Next time, Bonne Fete’s ship opens up a big tube in the front and a massive beam weapon fires out!
Over at DFS Retro meanwhile, Alex and Walter negotiate their way off the planet Plazar.
See you in two weeks!



  1. rdapplesalmanac

    RT @Chris_DFS: KABOOM! Dressed For Success – Page 157: post http://t.co/cWIlGGN0BO

  2. Brian Payne

    Brian Payne liked this on Facebook.

  3. Jenora Feuer

    Ahh, yes, Robotech/Macross and the missile barrage.

    I’ve actually commented ‘Smooth Move, Scott Bernard’ in a Mekton game after somebody unloaded all their missiles and managed to not actually kill the enemy…

  4. Chris

    Oh wow. I could NOT have pulled that name out of my head. Roy, Rick, Lisa, Glovel, Max, heck I think I even know Rick’s Japanese name, but Scott Bernard… Well done sir!

  5. Tara Tallan

    Awesome page!

  6. Jeff

    Thanks Tara. Most of the kudos should go to Chris as his contributions really seem to shine the most on a page like this. I feel like I hardly did anything on it. 😉

  7. Chris

    Hey, I said, I cheered when I saw just the roughs for this page. It’s been an interesting process figuring our HOW to colour this stuff, with shading, texture etc. It’s taking longer to do each page, but overall I’m pleased with the look. And working with the tablet is WAAAAYY better than the early days using a mouse.

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