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Dressed For Success – Page 154

February 6th, 2013

Dressed For Success – Page 154

These pages with Fete’s POV and digital overlay are an interesting learning experience for Jeff and I. Figuring out what should be drawn or created on the computer by Jeff and what falls to me in the colouring stage. We took one approach when Fete first appears, but the technique is being tweaked and refined as we do more.

In this case, all the lit up overlay markings were created by Jeff digitally and are not on the original lie work. The advantage of doing it this way is the scene can be drawn fully and the overlays can be translucent  allowing the full under drawing to show through. An effect like that wouldn’t be really possible if the reticule etc. were part of the inked page. It’s a small thing perhaps, but it’s a new element we’re adding and a part of the ongoing learning curve.

Over at Dressed For Success Retro this week, we begin Issue 21. Believed dead, Alex and Walter get themselves new looks and new identities. It’s a fun issue and features lots of in jokes and pop culture gags. So head on over and meet Nick Garnet and Ray Freethy.



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