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Who’s Wha?! – Alex Corbett

Alex is a tool. Not stupid, he’s actually quite intelligent, he just gets out of control and makes bad choices. Like leaving home at a young age, or getting involved with the criminal underworld. Or those pants… Alex presents himself as a street savy con man, and while it’s true that he’s managed to make his way in the world relying on his wits and ‘charm’ he is usually one step away from the gutter. He may also be a decent human being deep down.

Alex was loosely based on Chris. He’s kind of like Chris cranked up to 11. Alex’s early years as recounted in Issue 4’s Alex’s Story are fictionalized, but there are shades of truth in there. Alex’s hair is Chris’ cranked up to 11. And he did wear blue dummy shoes for a few years back when Alex was created. But not any more, now he can tie grown up laces.