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Chris Howard

Chris is based on a platform of Lego and Tea.

Jeff Wasson

Jeff runs on pizza and OJ.

Egesta Comics

Egesta Comics began publishing it’s first book “Dressed for Success”, by Chris Howard and Jeff Wasson, after their first year of post secondary education. What began as a summer lark quickly turned into an ongoing story with a print run that grew with it’s readership.

To share the story with more and more people, Chris and Jeff started doing conventions and interacting with other comic creators, forming long lasting ties with people like: Tara Tallan, Greg Beettam, Mark Oakley, Mike White, Rob Clark, Matt Feazell, Sean Bieri, and getting to meet some of their own heroes like Dave Sim, Phil Foglio and Greg Hyland.

Keeping multiple issues in print began to become a challenge, and two unexpected meetings lead to not only the publication of the first Dressed For Success trade Paperback, The Dirty Baker’s Dozen, (which collects issues 1-13) but Egesta Comics being distributed to stores near and far like “real honest to goodness comics”.

What had started out as a fun summer project had taken on a life of it’s own. The mini-comic run was slated to run to issue 25, finishing the second story arc. December ’96 saw the release of the final mini-comic issue of “Dressed for Success” with Chris and Jeff gearing up to start it up as a full-size book some time in late “97.

Then, as so often is the case, life happened. Work began on the new series, but the Comics industry went to poop; stores closed, distributors merged and being a smaller publisher was like trying to be Kevin Costner with a British accent in Robin Hood. Both Chris and Jeff’s personal lives became busier, work and school taking it’s toll and Dressed For Success was allowed to quietly fade.

The lean years see Jeff doing inking work for Slave Labour, Image Comics and others, while Chris switches hats and spends nine summers performing at the Ontario Renaissance Festival. Jeff re-locates to the West Coast. There is a short lived affair with bringing DFS back as an online comic, but life and distance make this challenging and the project stalls.

In 2008 Jeff moves back to the Toronto area and a new commitment to bringing Dressed For Success to the web is made. And, well, here we are.