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2010: The Year WE make contact

The end of 2009 saw us begin the first new DFS story in over 15 years. Wow. We’re back telling the crazy tales of Alex and Walter and the odd people and places they encounter. And it’s already been great. We’re starting to re-connect with people we haven’t seen or heard from in years. And we no longer have to think of ourselves as those guys who used to do this comic way back when.

And we’ve been at it less than a month.

2010 is full of potential. A return to doing conventions, meeting old and all new fans. Becoming a part of the new comic wave, we were there for the black and white, self publishing movement in the 90’s and now the webcomic world, where anybody can find and read your work without leaving their toilet chair. And we haven’t even started on some of the fun and silly stuff we’ve talked about doing.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the new DFS story?


So here we are at the end of another year, one that saw us finally get back to telling comic book stories with our characters Alex and Walter.  We’ve attempted on numerous occasions to pick up our series Dressed for Success but 2009 was the year that the ball started rolling again.

It has been fun getting to flex those familiar creative muscles once more and set our characters on a new path of silly adventures.  It has also been enlightening to be presenting it in an entirely new format, that of the online webcomic.

While 2009 was a time for us to get our feet wet with publishing a weekly online comic series, 2010 will be a full year of possibilities and I look forward to seeing where it leads us as well as Alex and Walter.



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