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Mississauga Jay – FINALLY!

When we were deciding on what the first new DFS story would be, we looked at ideas we’d had in the past, plot threads left dangling from the previous stories and what things were going on right now that might be fun to have a jab at and still provide a good jumping off point for new stories. Well culturally one of the things going on was we’d had the first new Indiana Jones movie in an equally long time.

Hmmm… We both like Indy, lot’s of other people do as well it seems. He’s not been parodied nearly as much as some things. He’s back on peoples minds, (and I’m not going to debate the virtues of Crystal Skull, you can do that amongst yourselves if you feel the need) and funny enough, we’ve been wanting and meaning to do an Indy story for a long time.

As it turns out, a really long time, and we’ve been trying to do so over and over. The character of Mississauga Jay goes back to the earliest days of DFS. We ran a bit of a contest way back to name our letter column or editorial page or some such, and the prize was an original drawing. Well the winner was a friend of ours, and Jeff at some point did do a drawing, and it was our friend dressed up like Indiana Jones. I honestly don’t know if he ever got that drawing I’m sad to say. But the image stuck with us. As did the idea of using this character, dubbed Mississauga Jay.

We never managed to put him into the old series, but when I was looking back over the previously discussed missing stories, I came upon an outline detailing Jay and his sister’s involvement in the story, leading into a very Indy like adventure. Then with DisasterWorld, if you look at the cast shot you’ll see them again, this time as contestants.

It seems, almost unconsciously, we’ve been trying to make it up to Jay all these years. And now here we are with a great big, full on Indy style story with Jay front and centre, fedora, satchel, jacket and all. It’s taken us a long time, but here’s hoping he, as well as you enjoy the story.


And while we’re at it, Happy Birthday Doctor Jay. Hope it’s a beauty!

– Chris


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