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DFS – The Lost Stories pt.2



After deciding we weren’t going to be able to follow up on our plans to begin DFS as a full sized comic, Jeff and I decided to take a break and wait to see what the future might hold. And then Lennon’s idea of life happened. We were still friends, but we got busy with our lives. Jeff ended up moving across the country and going back to school. I finished University, worked, ended up acting during the summer and getting married. Jeff got into website design and I eventually was doing print design work, not exactly comics, but still artistic work.

We’d see each other maybe once a year, but thanks to email we kept in touch and started talking about bringing Dressed For Success back to life. Webcomics were becoming more prevelent, and we liked the idea of being to reach many more people. We also had some other comic and none comic things we thought we could share. So we looked into creating a online presence.

Egesta-dd.com logo

Egesta-dd.com logo

Wanting to describe our new venture we hit upon the name Egesta Digital Diversions. It had the old name and the idea of something light hearted and fun, which was what we were aiming for. We did a design up, Chris working on the backside functionality and Jeff focusing on the visuals. Lofty ideas included an annotated version of the original 25 issues of DFS, with the layouts and other behind the scenes information. Ping Pong comics were stories where Jeff and Chris would trade panels, Colt Renfrew the hard boiled Truant Officer and others filled out the roster.

Disasterworld cast

Disasterworld cast

As for new DFS stories, the timing was right for a parody of reality television. Alex and Walter were set to participate in a grandiose Survivor type program called DisasterWorld. We cast the story and worked out the general plot, but technical and personal challenges ended up stalling the project and egesta-dd.com was abandoned.

What seems like a short time later, Jeff moved back and ended up living with Chris for 6 months. Webcomics had become more prevalent and there were systems in place to make it easy to setup your work on the web. And now that Chris and Jeff could regularly meet and work, it finally seemed time for Alex and Walter to return to the comic world.

And on December 9th, they will.



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